OVERLANDER is a post-apocalypse survival pb gpsl set in north america, very loosely inspired by the video games overland and the last of us. more details on our backstory can be found in our setting. our focus is on creative writing and character development, going back to basics where interaction, scenes and narratives drive our story. given the nature of the genre, mature content and darker themes will be explored, though we still hope to have some moments of humor and levity as well.

We should all know the basics by now: no blurring or crossing the ic/ooc line, no god modding, and no harrassment will be tolerated. be courteous and kind to each other! any major plot ideas that would affect the group should be run by the mods first. this is a collaborative effort, and we want everyone to feel involved and welcome to contribute to the story. if you have problems with another player that cannot be resolved through polite communication, please inform the mods via dropbox or pm and we will resolve the issue.
You will need an IC USERNAME relating to your character's name (no extra letters, underscores, numbers, etc.), and two backdated entries: an IC and an OOC CONTACT post with your character's basic info.

we only require CHARACTER NAME, AGE, FORMER OCCUPATION and three FACTS. These facts can be as short as a sentence, and about anything: where they're from, their family, their temperament, personal outlook, medical conditions, something they've done, something they hope for, a skill, etc. you're more than welcome to elaborate further, but we're not asking for a lot to start! we'd like to jump into the action right away, but expect more depth to emerge and secrets to be unveiled as we go along.

examples should consist of at least 1 scene & 1 narrative or 2 scenes or 2 narratives. since we're skipping detailed bios, we need to see that you can write well, so show us your best work!

upon acceptance, you will be required to comment to a plotting post within 72 hours of being added. inventory (including weapons) will be chosen after acceptance. while you can come in with pre-established lines, we'd strongly prefer organic development through interaction over collecting a lot of loosely formed connections in advance of joining.
while we encourage other forms of interaction, we expect most action and activity to take place in scenes/threads, which can be posted in our main comm, BIOMES. in addition to overarching plot updates, every other week, mods will provide random encounters and scenarios (ex: scavenging for supplies, running into survivors, getting attacked by monsters) to be carried out by volunteer writers. participation in events will result in rewards for your characters, such as new items or advantages.

as part of our road trip premise, our group will be steadily moving across country, picking up new characters along the way. current location will be posted on the mod journal. because writing scenes can take time, we may stretch out ic days or weeks to accommodate schedules. changes in location and time will be announced in advance, and generally take place between activity cycles or when it fits the plot.

activity checks will happen on a monthly basis. while we will be paying attention to participation in group activities, we only require one update per month (just about any format except social media; we'll accept narratives, scenes, playlists, diary entry, etc), and for members to comment to a check-in posted on the first sunday of each month. reminders will go up a week before the post closes. if you need to go on hiatus for more than two weeks, please let the mods know so we can work around your absence.

removals will be conducted as necessary, and will involve removed characters being killed off, going missing, or becoming NPCs in a few rare cases. character death is expected, but we prefer it to be impactful rather than introduce too many throwaway characters.

communication: as is typical of most post-apoc comms, characters don't have access to functioning technology. in place of interactive random posts, journals can function as public radio communication via walkie talkies (with private frequencies for customs), face-to-face conversations, or even handwritten notes. between events, the mods will post group campsite chats in the main comm, though players can also host their own social activities.